11 Aug 2010, Posted by admin in Acrylic, Jay C, Orange, Red, Yellow, 0 Comments

Hot Flash

An original work from artist Jay C, Hot Flash burns with intensity as a swirl of fiery reds, bold yellows, and deep blacks melt the landscaped canvas. Like a portal into a raging mountainside wildfire, this abstract painting provides a firsthand look at the earth below.

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08 Aug 2010, Posted by admin in Earth, Mixed, Orange, Renea Menzies, 0 Comments

The Cave

An original work by artist Renea Menzies, The Cave is from her mixed media phase. In this phase, Renea took her understanding of color and began to experiment with mixed media in her works. During this phase, sand was commonly used with acrylics to add various textures to each piece.

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