Coral Reef – Scultped Oil on Canvas

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Coral Reef – Scultped Oil on Canvas

Sculpted Oil on Canvas

48 x 36 inches, framed

$45,000.00 usd

An original work from artist Jay C, Coral Reef is an intricate combination of greens, blues, reds, and yellows.  Reminiscent of aquatic forms, these abstract representations of cucumber-, fan-, and brain-coral, congregate in a palette that is both broad and vibrant in color.

Each stroke of sculpted oil illuminates the canvas in a multitude of heavily textured layers.  Collectors, like the marine life that surrounds the coral, are drawn to investigate what treasures might be hidden in each nook and crevice.  The intricate shapes and sizes are both intriguing and magical as one surveys the vast landscape.

Coral Reef offers a tremendous investment value.  Comparatively large in size, this original work will make a bold statement as a focal point to showcase any space – private or public.


Below you can see a variety of close-up images from Coral Reef.  In the viewing area, right click the mouse button and select the Full Screen option for optimal viewing. Use the arrow keys to navigate from image to image.

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