Hot Flash

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Hot Flash

Acrylic on Canvas

48 x 36 inches, framed


An original work from artist Jay C, Hot Flash burns with intensity as a swirl of fiery reds, bold yellows, and deep blacks melt the landscaped canvas.  Like a portal into a raging mountainside wildfire, this abstract painting provides a firsthand look at the earth below.

Jay C’s technique to create Hot Flash involved a stream of water to “melt” the acrylic paints onto the canvas.  By rotating the frame during the process, a dynamic mixture of colors resulted in the vibrant work of art.

Long known as a provocative color, Red is associated with love, intense emotion, and is linked to the ability to stimulate hunger.  Hot Flash compliments both neutral and colorful settings.


Below you can see a variety of close-up images from Hot Flash.  In the viewing area, right click the mouse button and select the Full Screen option for optimal viewing.  Hit <escape> when complete to bring you back to our site.

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