Opium Den

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Opium Den

Oil on Canvas

48 x 28 inches, framed


An original from artist Renea Menzies, Opium Den channels a late night in Bankok’s red light district.  This artwork blends brilliant reds, racy yellows, and mysterious blacks to create an Asian fusion masterpiece.

Evoking scenes from an ancient calligraphy class, the oriental brush strokes silently speak of decadence, mystery, and temptation.  The evening of pleasure only know to a select few.

From her pre-sculpture period, Renea’s Opium Den perfectly complements dark wood interiors as well as brilliant and colorful contemporary spaces.


Below you can see a variety of close-up images from Opium Den  In the viewing area, right click the mouse button and select the Full Screen option for optimal viewing.  Hit <escape> when complete to bring you back to our site.

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