The Cave

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The Cave

Mixed Media

60 x 60 inches, framed

$17,000.00 usd

An original work by artist Renea Menzies, The Cave is from her mixed media phase.  In this phase, Renea took her understanding of color and began to experiment with mixed media in her works.  During this phase, sand was commonly used with acrylics to add various textures to each piece.

The Cave provides a great example of this technique.  With this particular piece, the canvas “glows” with deep, caramel oranges and subtle browns.  The mildly textured reliefs form visual stalagmites as if prehistoric man had settled in from a long day’s hunt to warm himself with a cozy fire.

The glow is mesmerizing as on-lookers hope to catch a peak from the hidden hunter as the night wears on.  The calm embers that glow from the canvas hypnotize the entire valley until the morning light.


Below you can see a variety of close-up images of The Cave.  In the viewing area, right click the mouse button and select the Full Screen option for optimal viewing. Use the arrow keys to navigate from image to image.

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