Lunar Landing

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Lunar Landing

Triptych – Mixed Media

12 x 12 inches each

$5,500.00 usd

An original work by artist Renea Menzies, Lunar Landing probably exemplifies the essence of combining various media to create intriguing texture on canvas.  This triptych utilizes sand, mixed with acrylic to achieve an extreme topography of Martian-like craters, valleys, and undulating ravines.

The rustic gold, browns, and various earth tones evoke a visual landscape full of inhospitable surfaces only fit for a futuristic landrover.  The extreme texture is both random, yet manicured.

The three works, are easily combined to accent a narrow wall, or highlight a earth-toned interior.


Below you can see a variety of close-up images from Coral Reef.  In the viewing area, right click the mouse button and select the Full Screen option for optimal viewing.  Hit <escape> when complete to bring you back to our site.

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