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Sculptures and Carvings

Jungle Jim

Jungle Jim | Mammouth 18 ft Hand-carved Statue

3D-Oil specializes in finding the most unique sculptures and carvings from every corner of the globe.  We travel the world to bring you one-of-a-kind works of art that will transform your home, office, or that special space into a curator’s showcase.

“Jungle Jim”

After procuring an 18-foot tall carving for one of our clients, representatives from 3D-Oil handled every aspect of logistics to transport the newly acquired carving back to the United States.  Jungle Jim’s journey began in Central America.  Jim spend a short time at Customs while he cleared all pertinent paperwork from the in-country Department of Agriculture.

With his paper’s in order and a “clean” bill of health, 3D representatives made arrangements to have him wrapped and prepped for the ride back to the States.  Jim was then placed in the cargo belly of a 737 Boeing aircraft for the relatively short ride to Houston.  Once in Houston, Jim was processed through US Customs and soon delivered to his new home.

Jim has since been fitted with a custom concrete footing and appropriate support structures.  He gets an occasional bath of linseed oil and is currently enjoying his newly adopted home at a private residence.

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