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Renea Menzies

We are proud to offer a variety of original pieces from nationally recognized artist, Renea Menzies.  Currently, we offer works from her various phases during the past decade.

Color Wash – Early in her career, Renea explored the combination of various colors in her original works.  Deep Blue provides a perfect example.  A deep Mediterranean-colored canvas undoubtedly evokes memories of sailing foreign waters during her earlier career as an international spokesmodel.

menzies Singular in dimension, this phase of Renea’s work traditionally took the form of vibrant acrylics on canvas.

Mixed Media – As an artist, in Renea’s second phase of her career, she took her understanding of color and incorporated mixed media into her works.  During this phase, sand was commonly used with acrylics to add various textures to Renea’s artwork.

The Cave provides a great example of this technique.  With this particular piece, the canvas “glows” with bright oranges and subtle browns.  The mild textured relief forms visual stalagmites as if prehistoric man had settled in from the day’s hunt to warm himself with a cozy fire.

Sculpted Oil on Canvas – During the last decade, various painters have utilized this progressive technique to create a variety of innovative works.  During 2007, Renea had explored this technique and developed various pieces focused on floral-themed landscapes.

Today, we offer Coral Reef, an original work from artist Jay C, as a contemporary example of this exciting form of sculpture.

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